The photos have been taken in one of Silesian nursing homes for elderly, where the reality is harsh and far from happy and where the senior citizens are left to their own loneliness. In what is often the last stage of their lives older people require special care and assistance. Those, who for that reason are put in state nursing homes, need to give away 70% of their pension to cover the cost of living. Yet, their financial contribution does not guarantee dignified and happy lives, as the homes they stay in lack proper equipment or staff numbers. Hovewer the biggest problem for nursing home residents is loneliness. Feeling lonely can increase the risk of premature death of the elderly by 14 percent. What's more, cognitive functions deteriorate and depression and dementia may occur. Many of these people who are often over 80 or 90 years old have neither family nor friends. They lose the purpose of life. They are stuck, don't go outside, they don't have anyone to talk to or call. They are affected by apathy, lack of appetite and fear of what tomorrow brings. They face not only health problems, but also loss of their loved ones, end of professional life, lack of money, insecurity, loss of independence and sense of belonging and being needed.